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Happy Box – Blue / White/ Orange Duo

A string of pleasant surprises! Happy Box makes for a wonderful gift, encapsulating an universe of colors. You don’t need a reason to gift it!

Happy Box Duo hosts a two fields – one of delicate white glixia flowers and a second of blue glixia flowers and orange reindeer moss- in metal heart-shaped boxes, arranged just as you would find them in nature – some taller, others shorter, yet all wishing to attract your attention.  Just right to enchant your view.


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Keep away from strong light.  When needed, clean the box with a piece of cotton wool dipped in alcohol, then dry it with a soft, clean cloth or a paper napkin.

These pieces are unique. Transport included for deliveries in Romania.

Size large box: 9cm x 5cm x 9cm

Size small box: 7cm x 3.50cm x 7cm

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