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Je t’aime


A clear statement, no more hiding.  The strong frame protects the playful moss moss.  Who does it remind you of?


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Wall piece made with reideer moss, rattan seed capsules, pieces of raw amber.

Amber is fossilised wood.  Ever since the stone age it has been used as a amulet to absorb negative energies and alleviate fears.  It is also a bringer of good luck.  In the psychological plane, it mitigates changes in disposition and brings equilibrium and stability.

The frame is unique and made by hand.  It has been painted with a cocktail of natural plants and wines.  It has been covered with a generous layer of natural bee’s wax to protect the wood and make it feel silky to the touch.  When needed, the frame can be cleaned with a clean, soft material, without adding any other substances.

No need to water.
Keep away from strong direct light.
Size: 28cm x 22cm x 1 cm

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