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Magic Apple

Yes, this living plant terrarium is really magical and you will soon understand why.  It is constantly growing and transforming, from an apple with a touch of green, into a cascade of freshness, a place of tranquility and joy.

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Living plants terrarium set in an apple-shaped glass recipient.

Soleirolia is also lovingly called Baby’s tears, Mind-your-own-business and Irish moss. Why? Because it has an adundance of small, round leaves, is always green, grows fast invading other plants, does not mind when you cut it to temper its growth, and does not need intensive care.

Needs abundant (natural or artificial) light and watering when the substrate is dry.

Do not place in direct sunlight.

Can pe placed on the metal stand, or hanged closed to a window, or it can sit on its own.

Size recipient:  12cm diameter x 15cm height

Size stand: 11.550cm diameter x 13cm height

Delivered exclusivelly in Bucharest.


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