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Splash of Nature – In The Woods


At home or at the office, you will enjoy these pint-sized pictures!

For your wall, table, desk or place to relax, they will bring joy every time you look at them!

Made with reindeer moss, preserved moss, slices of tiger wood, rattan capsules, preserved mushrooms.

Reindeer moss is a species of lichens that grow especially in the alpine tundra and is pasture for reindeer, elks, caribou. In Scandinavia it was used to obtain alcohol. They show the level of humidity in the environment – they are fluffy when the humidity is within healthy ranges, and become brittle when it is low.

The frame is hand-made and has been covered with a generous layer of natural bees wax. When needed, clean with a clean, soft cloth, without any other substances.

Size:  17X17x3.5cm


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