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The Princess


The Princess terrarium is a multicolored leaf mix and match alomg with cork bark, surrounding a mini-orchid.  It’s a sumptuous gift for yourself or someone you love.

Created with cork bark, an orchid, ficus pumila, two types of calathea and natural living moss.

Cork is the bark of a special oak, native to SE Europe and North Africa.  The bark is harvested without cutting the tree and grows back over time.

The Calathea genus originates from the forests of Central America, and numbers more than 300 species.

Coming from the tropical areas of Africa, Asia and Australia, the Ficus genus includes numerous shrub, tree or climbing species.

This terrarium is an inspired choice for those who love plants, novelties and pay attention to details.

Approx size of recipient: 25 cm diameter x 32 cm height


Produsele sunt unicate. Alte piese similare se pot realiza pe comanda!

Mai multe informatii

Due to the fragility of the recipient and the plants, I deliver this creation now only in Bucharest and the Northern surrounding area.  The terrarium contains natural live plants that are perishable, thus it cannot be returned after delivery.
The photograph is informative. After the order order placement, you will receive an e-mail /Whats-app message with recent photographs of the terrarium. In case it continues to satisfy your wishes, you confirm the order and I prepare the delivery. Otherwise, you may cancel the order, and, if you have paid by credit card, I announce the company that processes the payment that the transaction is canceled.

Along with the terrarium you will receive a set of personalized instructions. You will thus have the necessary information to care for it and enjoy it without worry.

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