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The Country Garden

The Country Garden Terrarium is reminiscent of childhood fairy tales.  Offer it a place where you can observe it every day – it will amaze you with transformations and will bring you moments of relaxation.

The main terrarium is created with fittonia, soleirolia, and natural living moss. And the mini-terrarium is in the tiny brown vessel that hosts a baby peperomia napoli nights.

Fittonia is named after the botanists Elizabeth and Sarah May Fitton who discovered it in the 19th century in Peru and the tropical forests of Latin America.  Its leaves look like a mosaic with a variety of fascinating colors.

Peperomia grows in tropical and subtropical areas, but is most commonly found in tropical forests in Central America and northern North America.

This mini terrarium is a perfect choice both for those who are taking their first steps in the world of plant care – due to minimal maintenance – and for those who like details, because they will watch with fascination how plants and moss grow.

Approx size of recipient: 14 cm diameter x 15 cm height

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Due to the fragility of the recipient and the plants, I deliver this creation now only in Bucharest and the Northern surrounding area.  The terrarium contains natural live plants that are perishable, thus it cannot be returned after delivery.
The photograph is informative. After the order order placement, you will receive an e-mail /Whats-app message with recent photographs of the terrarium. In case it continues to satisfy your wishes, you confirm the order and I prepare the delivery. Otherwise, you may cancel the order, and, if you have paid by credit card, I announce the company that processes the payment that the transaction is canceled.

Along with the terrarium you will receive a set of personalized instructions. You will thus have the necessary information to care for it and enjoy it without worry.

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