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Woos and Plants

A piece of mopane wood stands majestically among he leaves of pilea (on the left) and peperomia verticulata (in the back) providing a back-drop for the baby-Parma violet.  In front of them, a sphere of amethist rests on a bed of black torumaline.

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Black tourmaline is a semi-precious crystal that reflects low, negative, frequencies, instead of absorbing them. It cleanses, purifies and transforms negative energy into a lighter vibration. Black tourmaline also protects against the emissions of mobile phones and electromagnetic radiation.

Amethist is the stone of spirituality and success.  It amplifies intellectual and spiritual capacities, courage, intuition, self-confidence.  Amethist purifies and balances karma, facilitating a connection with divinity and our spirituality.

Approx. size:  29 cm height x 20 cm diameter

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