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Although they are self-sufficient, terrariums do need a minimum amount of care. Thus, we recommend that you observe them in the first 2-3 weeks when they are getting settled into your environment.


A closed terrarium needs indirect light – natural or artificial. Please do not place in direct sunlight. Under the influence of direct sunlight, the temperature inside the glass recipient rises sharply and the roots of the plants may ‘bake’ as if in a sauna.


We recommend that you place your terrarium in an area where the temperature does not fall below 5 degrees C and does not raise above 30-35 degrees C.


It is normal for condensation to form on the walls of the glass recipient. It appears during the hours of light, but it clears almost totally during the night.

Water your terrarium only when the soil and the pebbles/sand at the base is almost dry.

If the glass is clear all the time and no or very light condensation is seen, then it is clearly time for some water.

If possible, use still bottled water or ‘aired’ water (tap water that has stayed for approx 12 hours to air in an open recipient). Tap water usually contains chlorine and is thus less tolerated by terrarium plants. Of course, clear and clean rain water is a wonderful source of moisture for the terrarium.

When over-watered, the roots of the plants rot and the plants cannot survive.

Preventing Mold Growth

Mold is a visual sign of excess of moisture.

First, remove the lid of the glass recipient for a few days to promote air circulation and reduce humidity. After this, use a cotton swab dipped in water or hydrogen peroxide to remove any mold covering the plants, rocks, decorations. Don’t use the same swab twice to avoid spreading the mold around. If it is difficult to remove mold from some plants, just trim or remove the plants from the terrarium.

Growth and Dried Leaves

It is normal that some of the leaves of the plants to dry and fall off. Do not despair, it is a natural step in their development! Cut them with care and take them out. Alternatively, leave them to decompose and become fertilizer for the plants in the terrarium.

It is also normal that the plants grow in height and width – trim them with small scissors so as to keep a harmonious shape.

Cleaning the glass container

When needed, the exterior and the interior of the glass container can be cleaned with a piece of cotton wool lightly soaked in alcohol. Dry with a clean cloth or a clean paper napkin.

I refresh and clean Terraria terrariums.  For details, please fill in the order or contact forms, or get in touch with us on facebook or instagram.

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