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Terms & Conditions

  1. Identification of Seller

The services of are offered by Namaste Consult S.R.L.

Contact details:


Telephone: 0722 350347

CUI: RO15398231

Registration number:  J40/3607/2010


  1. General Rules

By using our site you express your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions that govern the commercial relations between our Company and you, the Client.

The information presented below are meant to inform you of the legal issues applicable to the services offered on the site, especially the OUG 34/2014 relating consumer protection in case of distance contracts, as well as Law nr. 365/2002 regarding e-commerce.

As these Terms and Conditions may be modified, please consult them periodically.

By confirming the order, the Client confirms, acknowledges and accepts the Terms and Conditions of our products.


III. About

Our arrangements are made with natural live plants or with preserved plants.

Our online store offers two categories of products: items that are unique and available, listed and described in the pages of on our site; and items that are bespoke/made to order and personalized, according to the Client’s wishes.

Each order is unique and we work with maximum attention to satisfy each Client.


  1. Purchasing Procedure

Our company gives you the opportunity to shop online anytime, thus saving time.

The online store is open 24/7 to placing e-orders.

Orders can be placed by accessing the order form, as well as on weekdays, between 9am and 5pm, by email or telephone, followed by a confirmation of the order by email.  On placing the order, the Client is required to supply his/her name, e-mail address and phone number.  In the following hours the Client will e contacted by a representative of our store who will confirm the order.  At this time, the Client is required to supply all the information necessary for the delivery of the item and the issuing of the fiscal invoice.  In order for the delivery to be carried out in the best conditions and within the established deadline, make sure that all the information supplied is complete and correct.

For online orders the Client must fill in all the necessary data listed on the order form.

For bespoke/personalized orders, the Client fills-in the form with the preliminary details regarding the arrangement, and the correspondence is summarised in an e-mail message listing the details, the delivery time, as well as the price offer.  The Client’s  confirmation in writing represents the acceptance of the details and of the price, and the message becomes a sale-purchase binding contract.


IV.1 Prices

For the unique products available on stock, the prices displayed on the site represent the final purchase prices and include VAT (19% value added tax, valid in Romania), as well as shipping taxes for delivery in Romania.

The prices displayed in our online store are valid when placing an order.  We reserve the right as regards printing errors, and, in this case, the Client has the right to withdraw from the contract if the price is changed.

For the bespoke items customized according to the Client’s preferences, the price is subsequently communicated at the pre-order stage.


 IV.2  Delivery and Delivery Terms

We deliver the items by courier.

Items available in stock in the store are delivered in 3 working days from the date the order is confirmed by us.

Personalized and bespoke items are delivered according to the details, delivery terms and costs agreed upon with the Client during the correspondence.

Transport costs are included for items delivered in Romania.

Transport costs are not included in case the Client chooses a different delivery method, more expensive than the one we offer.

Should we not have the capacity to honor the order placed, we reserve the right to cancel/refuse the order and we will take due care to inform the Client in the shortest time possible.  The cancellation/refusal of the order may be done without additional information.  In case this concerns an order for which payment has already been made, the received sum will be returned in full, by bank transfer, to the Client.


IV.3 Payment Means

The fiscal invoice represents proof of purchase.  The invoice is available in electronic format – PDF document – and is sent to the e-mail address that you have supplied on placing the order.  The invoice is also a means of notification of delivery..

In order to make payment for the ordered products, you can choose one of the following payment methods:

  1. in case of the unique products available in the online store:
  • by card, through the MobilPay, bank transfer/payment order, or payment on delivery at receipt of the package. If you have chosen payment by card / bank transfer, at the end of the order, through the last window we offer you information relevant to the order and payment, and then you will receive the invoice in electronic format. If you have chosen to pay in cash on delivery, after placing the order you will receive by e-mail the information needed for your order and the invoice will be sent with the parcel and the payment of the product will be made directly to the courier.
  1. in case of bespoke products:
  • after finalising the details and receipt of confirmation of the cost and delivery time, before the actual delivery, you will receive details by e-mail, then the invoice. The payment can be by bank transfer / payment order or payment on delivery to the courier, as mutually agreed in previous correspondence.


  1. The Right to Return an Item

Depending on the product, any private Client has the right to return it within 14 days from receipt, in accordance with the legal requirements.

The following products are exempt from the right of refusal & return:

  • products that include preserved plants and custom-made or customized for the Client;
  • any product made with live natural plants.

In case of products that are in stock, made only with preserved plants and that do not include natural live plants, the Client had the right to return them in maximum 14 calendar days from the date of receipt.

The cancellation of the received order can in made in maximum 14 days from the date of receipt, and must be announced via e-mail, at, or the request will be null and void.

The Client that returns an order will have to pay for the transport back to Terraria.

Products damaged in any way, may be returned if the following conditions are met:

  • Products must be returned within 14 days from date of receipt (in case the order is for multiple products that are delivered separately, the 14-day term will be calculated from receipt of the last product delivered)
  • Products must include the original packaging, if possible
  • Products should not be deteriorated by the Client
  • Products must be complete, as sent
  • Products must be returned together with the invoice, as well as details regarding the bank account where the payment should be returned
  • Products returned with the specification ‘payment on delivery’ will not be accepted.

We are not responsible for products that may be lost during return delivery.  The Client is responsible for packing the products accordingly so as to limit any damage incurred during transport.

On receipt of the return package, the Client will be notified by e-mail regarding its receipt and registration.

On fulfilling the conditions stated above regarding the return of the product, the sum will be reimbursed in full to the Client, by bank transfer, in 7 days from date of receipt of the package.

Reporting the deterioration/damage of the product that has taken place during  transport must be claimed by the Client on receipt of the package, and in this case the Client should not accept the package.  In case the packaging is not affected and the damage is observed on opening the package, the Client should send us detailed  pictures of the damage and then return it immediately (in 24 hours from time of receipt).  Should the damage be confirmed, we will inform the Client of our decision, and we will bear the expenses for the return transport, will will either replicate the item in case this is possible and the Client so wishes or return in full the payment received.

The reimbursement will be made by bank transfer, without additional fees/costs.

For the sake of simplicity, we have created for our Clients a Form for returning items.  It can be found here.

We reserve the right to cancel or refuse an order in case the Client  offers false or misleading  personal information, and we will inform the Client of our decision. 

  1. Claims and Guarantees

Any complaint/claim will be resolved according to the law in force, in order to satisfy the Client’s requirements.The Client must check the item on receipt of delivery.  If any obvious deterioration of the parcel is noticed, the Client must refuse to receive the parcel and notify us immediately (within 24 hours of delivery).  In the case of an incomplete delivery of goods or any mis-understanding, the customer must immediately notify us (within 24 hours of receipt).  Otherwise, the delivery is considered to have been carried out in full and without any damage.

Claims for damaged products are solved immediately, the decision to restore the product or reimburse the price will be communicated to the Client as soon as possible, and agreed with the Client.

You can send us questions and complaints to the following email address:

All complaints/claims will be resolved according to the laws in force regarding consumer protection.


VII. Confidentiality Policy

In order to benefit from our services / products you have to give us a few personal information.

The personal information requested are necessary exclusively for the delivery of the products and for the preparation of the invoice.

The information requested is absolutely necessary for legal purposes and we do our best to protect them against abuse.

We use personal data in accordance with the applicable legal norms, ensuring the confidentiality of the data provided.

Details regarding the purchases, complaints or activities carried out in our online store are also confidential and are subject to the same security rules as in the case of the protection of personal data.

Your data and those relating to the your purchases are protected from abuse and are not offered to any third party (with the exception of the company that provides the transport/courier services, and that which processes the payment – they receive minimal customer information, only the information needed for a successful delivery).



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