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The Terraria Story

Pure joy – in a jar, in a shell, in a tree bark.  Charming and captivating micro-universes to delight, calm and inspire.

In this age of speed, everything happens on fast-forward and we find our homes flooded with mass-produced, disposable or short-life products.

Yet, some of us long for items that have meaning, that are lovingly-crafted to brave the test of time, that are meaning-full, that celebrate our individuality and originality.  And this is what fuels our craft.

We select with care and attention to detail each plant and material that we use, and seek out recipients and accessories that are unique, vintage or short-series, preferably created by hand.  We study each material we integrate in our creations so as to create individual, original pieces that transmit subtle messages to the viewer.  Always different.  Always strongly personal.

We are passionate about Nature and plants, while constantly looking for means to bring them inside our homes, in ways that do not require intensive care, but enchant our eyes and soul.  We aspire that our creations become more than an element of decor – that elusive something that reminds us to enjoy life and treasure each moment.

At Terraria, we handcraft at leisure, with intent, deliberation, love and respect – for the materials engaged as well as for the individuals that will enjoy the piece.  Be  they dreamers, travellers, creators, collectors, artists, plant-lovers, lovers of the moment, lovers of life …

Let’s start together on a journey of discovery and reconnection with Nature.

Terraria.  Joyfully alive!

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