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The Jade Tree, bringer of wellbeing and prosperity

The Jade Tree is also known as the Money plant and the Friendship tree, and originates from South Africa and Mozambique.   Botanically known as Crassula Ovata, there are more than 1400 species of this evergreen succulent that is now grown all over the world.  During the cool winter months, it may produce star-like white flowers

Its plump, shiny and smooth green leaves are symbolic of growth and renewal.  As they resemble jade coins, they are said to attract wealth and prosperity.  This has come to be because the jade tree stores water in its leaves, and stored water equals stored wealth and abundance.  Also, it can be propagated even from a single leaf, thus symbolizing that money can be multiplied just as easily.


According to Feng Shui, placing a Jade Tree at or near the entrance of a place of business encourages continued growth by attracting new customers.  While placing it at the entrance to a home, it is said to attract and welcome financial gains.  There is also an old Asian saying that “Jade by the door, poor no more!”

It is an undemanding and easy to care plant even for the very busy.  In return it offers countless hours of beauty and peace.

I often fashion it in kokedama.   It has a sculptural form that looks just as striking on an unconventional pedestal (such as a mangrove root) as on a simple one, possibly accompanied by healing crystals.

I make bespoke kokedama with Jade Tree.  The plants have various forms and heights and have been grown free from chemical fertilizers.  It takes approximately 2 weeks.  All  details – ie size, style of wrapping with natural jute rope, support, crystals, etc – are personalized and discussed with you.  Delivery by courier in Romania, throughout the year, with the exception of those times when extreme weather would endanger the well-being of the plant.   For orders, please fill in the order  or the contact   forms,  or get in touch on  facebook or instagram.





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